Hobb’s Grove Has A Little Something For Everyone

We took a short trip to a local haunt in the San Joaquin Valley. Hobb’s Grove is really out in the boonies, just outside of Fresno. It’s actually a perfect location for a classic down-on-the-farm type of haunt. We hadn’t been to Hobb’s Grove in many years. It’s still a great place to go get a good scare! We love the park-like courtyard with fire pits and classic carnival food vendors. Hobb’s also includes a Tarot card reader and a really great Halloween store that had some very unique items!

4 Attractions, Good Scares!

We came on Halloween weekend, on a Sunday, so suffice it to say; it was busy! We decided to only do the Haunted House and the Haunted Forrest. We have heard good things about the other 2 attractions but for the cost, we didn’t feel like it was going to be worth it. Hobb’s puts on a pretty good show, but they are pricey for what they offer. For $42, you can do all 4 attractions, but you have to wait in some seriously long lines. The front of the line pass gets you right in, at the front with no wait, which is great but that runs you $10 on top, for each attraction. We decided to pay the extra to skip the lines, and we have to say, it was worth it.

Haunted Forrest

The forest was our favorite! Lots of really super creepy places and some really great scares! If all you do is one attraction, this one is the one to do and it’s worth the trip there, just for this one! We really liked the various environments that you encounter; a graveyard, a cave, a voodoo camp, and much more.

The Haunted Forrest was such a great maze!

We especially liked the hillbilly camp that you encounter where you are held in individual rooms and are kept in a total black-out for just a little while. The lights flash, you see something in the window. Another flash or two, then total darkness. Out from nowhere, a monster appears in the room with you and dashes out the other side. It was simple, but a fantastic scare! The other best part was a laser swamp that we saw a smaller version of at The Depths, at Knotts. We also love that this attraction was so long! Very worth your money!

Haunted House

The haunted house was pretty good. It included a storybook motif that we really enjoyed. There were a couple of notable things along the way. We really liked the giant dragon head. We loved the multi colored doors. Our favorite part was the Caterpillar puppet that you encounter in the Alice in Wonderland section, just before the vortex tunnel (or rabbit hole?). The maze takes you in and out of the house several times. We liked some of these areas better than what was in the house. There were great actors throughout Hobbs but the house left us feeling like there should have been some better special effects. It includes stairs to a second level, but up there, they seemed to miss out on some great opportunities for some fun effects; a floor drop, walking over a bridge, or perhaps something like the abyss illusion that we saw at Fright Fest. This attraction was good but not quite worth the entry plus the front of the line pass.

Should you go?

If you live near Fresno or Visalia, you should definitely go! If you are coming from further away- maybe. If we lived in Bakersfield, we would say it’s worth skipping Scare Valley and make the drive up, just to see the Haunted Forrest- it’s that good!