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  • We’re BAAAAACK! (7/29/2022) by Dustin Schieler - It's been too long! Well, the pandemic did one heck of a reset for us here at but we are back and heading off to Midsummer Scream 2022. We are frightfully excited to see all the new things this year. There's going to be a ton of exhibitors and we just can't wait to… Continue Reading
  • Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom Vs Magic Mountain 2019 (10/13/2019) by Dustin Schieler - This year we had the unique opportunity to go to both Six Flags Fright Fests in California; Fright Fest Discovery Kingdom and Fright Fest Magic Mountain. Both parks put on a pretty good show, but we have to admit that one of them was a little better than the other. Park Entry Differences The main… Continue Reading
  • Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2019 (10/7/2019) by Marlee Macabre - I loved Queen Mary's Dark Harbor more last year. Is it still worth it? Yes. Is there anything new this year? Yep.Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is unique because many of the mazes here are based on stories about the Ship. The storylines make the mazes much more interesting, in my opinion. One of my favorite scenes this year is in the Lullaby maze, "inside the pool" where you see Scary Mary floating above… Continue Reading
  • Nights of the Jack is perfect for all ages! (10/1/2019) by Marlee Macabre - So we did a not-so-frightening Halloween event called Nights of the Jack, located in Calabassas at the King Gillette Ranch national park. This one is for the whole family. It is a "Jack-o-Lantern Experience" but what the heck does that mean? It means you are going to be looking at a lot of jack-o-lanterns! I would say it's an art… Continue Reading
  • Midsummer Scream 2019 was bigger and even more amazing than ever! (8/5/2019) by Dustin Schieler - This year, Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, CA, really outdid themselves! The extended their newly famous horror & Halloween convention to include the entire convention center! Everything Halloween & horror you could imagine was there! Fun for all ages! This time we decided to take the kids along to get a different perspective of the… Continue Reading

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