Knott’s Scary Farm was better than ever this year!

What made Knott’s Scary Farm better you ask? Well, I always say the park just has a special feel the other parks don’t have and that makes it perfect for a Halloween event. The way they work with the themes that exist in the park makes a huge difference in blending your experience together. The differences this year are subtle. There is an extra scare zone, more lighting effects, photo ops, more interactive actors mixed in with the scare actors, and could it really be possible there was even more fog this year?

Is it really worth it?

For the price you get a big bang for your buck. With the Fright Fast Lane pass you get front of the line access to mazes AND rides. I am not brave enough for all the rides but I always like to throw a ride in if I can. The bonus of being able to add on the Boo-fet dinner, for me, really pushes this event over the top. Knott’s Scary Farm was my favorite theme park event this year as well as previous years. I admit I missed Elvira, though.There IS entertainment! I didn’t catch much of it but you should check out the shows. I heard good things.

Tell me about the scares you say?

As I mentioned before there is a nice blending of park and zone and sometimes maze that is always happening at Knott’s Scary Farm; that doesn’t happen anyplace else.

Dark Ride

The CarnEVIL area has the boardwalk type rides and games and it is filled with clowns and other carnival-esque scarers. If you happen to be afraid of clowns or carnies, this is terrifying! This is also where the Dark Ride walk through is located. Dark Ride replaced a maze that was not complementary to the area. In my opinion, Dark Ride is a perfect fit. I will admit this is not my favorite walk thru but it was better this year! So I don’t recommend skipping it as I have in the past. Not the best scares though.

Trick or Treat: Lights Out

They still have Trick or Treat, a Knott’s Scary Farm classic walk thru, but with a newer “Lights Out” twist. You are given a flashlight as you enter. Other than that light, it is completely dark, which makes for some good scares here! There are also some neat effects in this maze and the flashlight. 

Special Ops: Infected

You get to shoot zombies; well shoot them with lasers, anyway. It’s not really scary but it is an enormous amount of fun! This one is totally worth it so put it on your list!

Paranormal Inc.

It hasn’t changed much. If you’ve never done this maze, it’s neat to experience but not super scary. I heard some people scream so there are a few good scares for some. There’s some really great effects and monsters at the end! Watch out!

The Depths

A new one this year, The Depths was a completely new walk through. I was confused by the mine entrance and the nautical interior and never did figure out what the story was. That said, I didn’t care, I loved this walk through. It replaced an old walk through, Voodoo which I was very fond of but I didn’t even care about that. That’s how good it was. I don’t want to give it away but there are some very fun effects in this maze. Yeah, they got me! They will get you too, so don’t miss this one.

The Red Barn

It’s not new to Knott’s Scary Farm. Skip it if you’ve done it before and are low on time. If you haven’t been to this one it has some okay scares. Definitely a few disturbing scenes to walk through.

Pumpkin Eater

Imagine you were Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife and you were locked in a pumpkin shell; that’s this maze. It smells like pumpkin, it has gooey insides and I enjoy it a lot. The scares are decent.

Dark Entities

Another new one is Dark Entities it had some good potential. It was interesting, some stuff is gross, again not that scary. If it is busy and you have to choose maybe skip it unless you are really into space ships and aliens.

Shadow Lands

This maze has a unique samurai theme and the landscaping leading up to to entrance matches. The walk out is loooong. It has some good scares, I was scared a few times. Don’t miss this one. Side note: there are some very sexy costumes if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Fantastic Scare Zones!

Have fun in the scare zones ghost town streets and the hallow the same as past years. They are both a scary good time. I have to say I absolutely loved this years new scare zone Forsaken Lake. Mostly because the costumes were amazing. It’s near the water and it’s to die for.