So we did a not-so-frightening Halloween event called Nights of the Jack, located in Calabassas at the King Gillette Ranch national park. This one is for the whole family. It is a “Jack-o-Lantern Experience” but what the heck does that mean? It means you are going to be looking at a lot of jack-o-lanterns! I would say it’s an art installation and the art is made out of pumpkins. Motorcycles, celebrities, monsters and more that line the paths as you stroll. Each section uses elaborate music and lighting to help bring it to life.

Don’t be late!

Get there early, the traffic slows WAY down as you are getting closer and the parking is slightly unorganized (I’m sure they will get better at it).

For our visit, we were ready to line up for our time slot, about 15 minutes early and we were quickly checked in and walked into a wonderfully festive courtyard.

What a fun place!

The courtyard is full of food trucks, vendors, tables, heaters, and old-time carnival games & photo panels.

There are also some really quick, single-room, but fun walk-through attractions, “Are you afraid of the dark”  and an “Infinity Box”, that can be just a tad scary but are perfect for your little monsters.

After going through the walk-throughs, we went over and grabbed our hot chocolate and cider (they have special cider and hot chocolate for adults, too) and hit the trail. They say it takes about an hour; this seems right depending on the speed of your stroll.

On to the trail!

The footpaths on the trail are wide and easy to walk but beware of the occasional uneven ground. I saw strollers, wagon strollers, and walkers and everyone was navigating just fine. Halfway through the trail, there are porta-potties, more drinks and things that light up for sale.

The artwork on display is breathtaking and amazing! We took so many photos to capture the moment but you absolutely can not take in the real magic that’s there without seeing it for yourself!

Nights of the Jack was just a bit underprepared

Unfortunately, there were a few shortcomings… At the end of the night, the food vendors were running out of food and those who weren’t had lines that were ridiculously long. Also by the end, some of the porta-potties were out of toilet paper and all the hand washing stations (near the exit) were out of water. I used a lot of hand sanitizer and tried to move on with my life.

Would I go again?

Yep, but not every year.

Is it worth the cost?

If you can find a discount code.

Is it safe for the kids?

Absolutely! Kids of all ages!